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The DEV(elopment) RES(idency) program is an initiative from Lebowskis, designed and presented in the spirit of fostering creative growth in new and established ensembles and individual artists. This residency is available to two applicants and comprises three performances over a six-month season. The intent of the program is to allow ensembles to develop a creative concept and showcase its growth with a performance every two months. The DEV RES program runs twice annually, with seasons from February to June, and July to December. Applications for DEV RES VIII will open on August 1, and close on August 16 at 5pm. The performances for DEV RES VIII will take place 5-7pm, at the Moreland City Band Hall (AKA "Cross Street"), on the following dates: 1. August 25th 2. October 27th 3. December 15th If you are available for all three performance dates and have a concept you wish to develop and present in a relaxed, welcoming listening space, we encourage you to apply! The success of applications will be based on the following criteria: - The strength of the concept. - The concept's scope for creative development. - Clarity of vision for the use of the three performance dates. Applications can be submitted through our application form or through our Facebook page in a private message. Include band name, personnel and instrumentation, and concept (max 500 words).If you have submitted an application to a previous DEV RES series and would like it to be reconsidered, feel free to resend it. There is no limit on the number of times an ensemble or individual artist can apply for this residency.