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Reuben Lewis & David Brown Duo/James Macaulay Quintet

8:15pm Reuben Lewis and David Brown Duo

Dave Brown - Guitar

Reuben Lewis - Trumpet

Reuben Lewis and Dave Brown (AKA candlesnuffer) team up to run the gamut that is non genre specific free improvisation in duo form.

Ambient-Noise-Rock-Jazz-Post-Punk-Experimental-Electro-Acoustic-Improvisation... or none of these...

9:00pm James Macaulay Quintet

The James Macaulay Quintet (which may be looking to take on a more rock'n'roll band name), originally formed in 2012, has reformed with the addition of Mark Elton, alongside original members Paul Williamson, Scott McChonnachie and James McLean. They present the heavily revised and original music of Macaulay with more battle scars, fewer grains of sand in the hourglass of their lives, without world-weariness or indifference.