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Refraction/The BAD Trio

8:15pm Refraction

Chris Broomhead ~ Drums

Brenton Foster ~ Piano

Jordan Tarento ~ Double Bass


Trio ensemble Refraction melds the various colours of contemporary jazz composition and improvisation together into a compelling musical soundscape. Drawing inspiration from such artists as Tord Gustavsen, Marcin Wasilewski, Brad Mehldau and Robert Glasper, the group’s material is centred around drummer and leader Chris Broomhead’s compositions and arrangements – pieces which allow space for collective ensemble interpretation, interaction and improvisation but hold a clear vision that makes the journey the very destination the music is seeking.


The group is Chris Broomhead on drums, Brenton Foster on piano and Jordan Tarento on double bass, and their debut album As We Were wasreleased in March this year on Chris's independent label Rare Colour Records.


website is


9:15 BAD Trio

Brae Grimes [Cornet] Dan Mamrot [Guitar] Aaron McCoullough [Drums]

Formed in 2015, The BAD Trio explores rhythmically and metrically dense material whilst maintaining a sense of melodic and harmonic freedom where appropriate. The material is heavily influenced by the trio canon, exploring commitment to basic musical principles whilst remaining open to exploration of more adventurous ideas.