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Harry Coulson's Rain Dogs/Bouwman / Windley / McAuliffe Trio

8:15pm Harry Coulson's Rain Dogs

The disc, in my opinion, is eclectic and unusual, a real mix of jazz and blues influenced music, featuring some excellent musicianship. The guitar work is outstanding, as is the drums and bass, and together makes the package an interesting listen. The way the drums and guitar interact while the bass holds everything together is something to relish. I think this would be a must have disc for fans of jazz/blues and for people who like to truly feel drawn into the music, and certainly not for those who want the normal background elevator style. (Dave Anger – 2MCR)

Harry Coulson’s instrumental jazz trio of guitar, bass and drums draws from a wide array of influences. They bring the technical athleticism of their jazz chops, but flesh it out with a rocky, even post-rock listenability. They list The Dirty Three and Mark Ribot as influences, and I’m guessing -from the name- that Tom Waits is in there too, but I’m sure there’s more to it. At any rate, one of the most approachable contemporary jazz records I’ve heard in ages


9:15pm Bouwman / Windley / McAuliffe Trio

Ambient soundscapes, evolving rock grooves, deafening silence, and ear-splitting feedback – Peter Bouwman (DD & The Damaged Goods), Chris Windley (Mangelwurzel), and Sam McAuliffe (Elliot Cline) come together to carve fresh experiences in the moment of creation with guitar, bass, and drums. In the vein of My Disco, Shellac, and various other noise/rock ensembles.