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Zól Bálint // Liam & Co.

5:15 - Zól Bálint

Zól Bálint is Melbourne based musician, Zoltan Fresco. Having designed an instrument to bridge acoustic and electronic performance, Zól creates earthy, guitar-driven electronic music. His highly improvised live shows combine guitar playing with electronics to manipulate sounds in real time, flowing between highly textured and delicately minimal, electronic and organic.

6:15 - Liam & Co.

Liam & CO is lead by musician/composer Liam O'Leary, serving as a platform for performing his original compositions and concepts, showcasing a variety of musical contexts and musicians.

Liam is currently based in Melbourne and is performing regularly with Liam & CO since moving in 2015. Liam & CO released their self titled debut album at the Clarence Jazz Festival in 2016, and are due to release their second album next year.  

Liam O'Leary - drums

Reuben Lewis - trumpet

Shaun Rammers - sax

Joel Trigg - piano

Isaac Barter - bass