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Melbourne Composers Big Band

For their final concert of 2016, the Melbourne Composers Big Band are proud to present their second guest composer, Mr. Nick Mulder! The band will be performing two spectacular sets of original music from the special time of 7.00pm on Nov 6th @ Cross Street. We encourage everyone to get down and check out Nick working his magic with this ensemble. Come and support Australian big band music!

The Melbourne Composers Big Band are a nationally renowned composition initiative, designed to give anyone and everyone the chance to have their own music performed and recorded by one of the countries leading jazz ensembles. The MCBB were formed with the sole purpose of encouraging and promoting Australian composition and big band music. With so many talented composers, arrangers, musicians and educators across the country, the MCBB plan to give opportunity to all individuals who wish to contribute and celebrate the ever-growing Australian big band and composition scene.The MCBB itself includes some of Melbourne's most exciting musicians and improvisers. All of our members are passionate about big band playing, composition and original Australian music. The ensemble is led by the founder and creator of this project, James Mustafa




Rhythm Section: