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Connexus // Antelodic

5:15 pm Connexus

This band stems from a mutual desire to develop a collaborative approach to composition and performance. All four artists are established performers and composers whose musical collaboration spans over 20 years.  The collaboratively composed works are formed as each ensemble member writes a maximum eight bars before circulating it to the next composer. 

Anthony Schulz - accordion

 Jordan Murray- trombone

 Adam Starr - guitar

 Paul Williamson - trumpet


6:15pm Antelodic

Antelodic is an instrumental trio formed in 2012. Led by guitarist Robbie Melville and featuring the unique combination of two saxophones (Gideon Brazil – tenor sax/clarinet & Monty Mackenzie – alto sax/clarinet) with guitar, the trio continues a fifteen year musical relationship that draws equally on the jazz aesthetic of Jimmy Giuffre, the singer-songwriter tradition of Joni Mitchell, the deep soul of Krystle Warren, the atmospheric impressionism of Debussy, the folk stylings of Lau and the experimental sonic journeys of Bill Frisell. Think chamber jazz/folk, if you are able; gentle, optimistic, lyrical and engaging.

Robbie Melville - guitar

Gideon Brazil – tenor sax/clarinet

Monty Mackenzie – alto sax/clarinet