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Improv Games Night

Curated by Ronny Ferella and Reuben Lewis, the “improv games Night” will feature two sets of improvised music with distinctly different approaches.  Ronny and Reuben will be joined by a house band and anyone who cares to join in.  Come to the 2pm rehearsal on the day, and you are in the game.  All instruments welcome. 


Using compositional material developed for his academic research into the enabling and disabling qualities of conventional and non-conventional music notation, composer and improviser Reuben Lewis will present a series of short sketches with improv games night participants


Dance for Steve Reid.  A dedication to the great American drummer/composer Steve Reid.  Having worked work with both Fela Kuti and Miles Davis Steve Reid championed the idea of free musical expression whilst laying down a deep groove.  For this set Ronny has assembled a house band which includes afrobeat devotess Zvi Belling (Public Opinion Orchestra) and Phil Bywater (Big Fela) Henry Hicks (30/70).