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Lena // Soft Power

5:15pm - Lena

Melbourne group lena is led by vocalist/composer Helen Catanchin, whose compositional themes run the gamut from grief, insomnia, fear and decay, to courage, hope, odes to Spring and of course, love. A highly expressive jazz singer with several scholarships, awards and a Masters in Music Performance to her name, Helen formed lena as an outlet for her most honest, inquiring and genre-elusive works. From a childhood surrounded by European classical music, traditional Romanian folk and 80s/90s pop, to extensive formal study of jazz and its offshoots, her lifelong passion for music of all kinds has led Helen to a style that is her own.

Some of My Parts is lena’s exciting debut EP release, which features several of Helen’s earliest compositions, as well as unique and inventive arrangements of two beautiful covers. Melodic and reflective, lush, tender and at times raw, this intensely personal music gives insight into her inner world.  Some of My Parts was launched at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club on March 15th, 2015.

6:15pm - Soft Power

Formed out of one of the various incarnations of the Matthew Roche Trio, Soft Power is music for your subconscious to dance to, gently created by humans. Although influenced by the great jazz traditions of yesteryear, at the heart is a strong folkloric element of simple melodies with fluid rock orientated grooves that keep everyone honest. The music is spacious, open and direct and was inspired by a period of intense meditation practice at a silent Zen retreat resulting in a Dark Night of the Soul; a personal journey into the mind’s undertow where one attempts to find meaning in a world that appears to be on the surface meaningless..

w/ Matthew Roche (guitar) Peter Bouwman (bass) and Cameron Sexton (drums)

$10 full - $5 Concession (Cash Only)