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Fools in a Forest // Soft Power


5:15pm - Fools In A Forest


Rafal Kaczmarek - Drums & Trumpet

Tim Hilton - Trombone, Melodica & Percussion

Gary Butler - Guitar, Toys & Stupidity


A trio. Fools in a Forest. Will Anybody hear them?


6:15pm - Soft Power


Matthew Roche - Guitar

Peter Bouwman - Bass

Cameron Sexton - Drums


Music for your subconscious to dance to, gently created by humans. Although not averse to the great jazz traditions of yesteryear, guitarist/composer Matthew Roche formed Soft Power to pare down and simplify his compositions to a basic natural impulse: the human desire to communicate through sound. Joined by good friends Peter Bouwman (bass) and Cameron Sexton (drums), at the heart is a strong folkloric element of simple pop-like melodies and fluid rock orientated grooves that keep everyone honest. The music is spacious, open and instinctive and was inspired by a period of intense meditation practice at a silent Zen retreat resulting in a Dark Night of the Soul; a personal journey into the minds undertow where one attempts to find meaning in a world that appears to be on the surface meaningless.


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