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Carbo Carter Gunnoo Quartet // SvG Quintet

5:15pm - Carbo Carter Gunnoo Quartet

Carbo Carter Gunnoo Quartet.png

Flora Carbo - alto saxophone
Theo Carbo - guitar
Isaac Gunnoo - double bass
Maddison Carter - drums

Comprised of bassist Isaac Gunnoo, drummer Maddison Carter and siblings Flora Carbo (saxophone) and Theo Carbo (guitar), The Carbo Carter Gunnoo Quartet formed in mid 2015, creating music in the Carbos' lounge room. Since then, they have performed many times around Melbourne, most frequently at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club and Uptown Jazz Café. All members compose for the group, expressing their individual creative interests and exploring unique approaches to ensemble improvisation within the jazz quartet format.

6:15pm - SvG Quintet

SvG Quintet.jpg

Scott van Gemert - trombone
Flora Carbo - alto saxophone
Kade Brown - piano
Isaac Gunnoo - double bass
Alex Spicer - drums

Trombonist and composer Scott van Gemert brings together some of the brightest young musicians from Melbourne’s improvised music scene for their first performance in this combination. Tonight they’ll be presenting a set of brand new music exploring the unique voices of the members in the band and longer form composition for small jazz ensemble.