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Agus Batara Quartet // Line Matter

Agus Batara Quartet.png

5:15pm - Agus Batara Quartet

Agus Batara - piano
Jonathon Moore - guitar
Anthony Pell - bass
Sebastian Jego - drums

The Agus Batara Quartet features Agus Batara (keys), Jonathon Moore (guitar),
Anthony Pell (bass) and Sebastian Jego (drums). The band came into formation
in 2017 prior to their performances at the Castlemaine Jazz Festival and later
that year at the Halls Gap Jazz Festival. The band blends Agus’s unique song
writing style infused with Jonathon’s melodic guitar sound.

Agus Batara draws his improvisation from
classical roots, swing, funk, and wider world music influence
inspired by idols like Omer Klein, Avishai Cohen (b), Tigran
Hamasyah, Shai Maestro, Gregory Privat and Esbjorn Svensson.
Agus’s compositions often evoke an imaginative landscape, places
or stories beyond his harmonic or rhythmic ideas.

Line Matter.jpg

6:15pm - Line Matter

Francesco Acanfora - saxophone
Jonathon Moore - guitar
Anthony Pell - bass
Sebastion Jego - drums

Red Line 4 are an original Melbourne jazz band playing dynamic, driving and melodic music. Influenced by Pat Metheny, John Scofield, John McLaughlin and others the quartet creates a unique blend of jazz/fusion music. Since forming in early 2016 the band has performed at various Melbourne venues. A highlight of the bands year was its energetic performance at the 2016 Wangaratta Jazz Festival. The highlights of which can be viewed on YouTube here.