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Carmen Chan & Adam Simmons // The Danus Trio

Carmen Chan & Adam Simmons.jpeg

5:15pm - Carmen Chan & Adam Simmons

Carmen Chan - marimba
Adam Simmons - shakuhachi

The unique pairing of spiritually expressive shakuhachi and sonorous, lively marimba creates a rich tapestry of timbral colours. From the stillness of the breath to outbursts of percussive dialogues, the musical lifeforce is woven between these traditional and contemporary instruments.

Adam Simmons is one of Australia's most prolific and varied artists, whether as an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist performing in a myriad of ensembles, creator of his unique musical sculptures or specialised educator in improvisation, instrumental technique and shakuhachi.

Carmen Chan is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and artist whose graphic compositions and project 'Do You See What I Hear?' have been featured in a range of contexts locally and internationally.

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6:15pm - The Danus Trio

Jonathan Cooper - saxophone
Patrick Fitzgerald - bass
Miles Henry - drums

The Danus Trio was formed by group members Miles Henry (drums), Jonathan Cooper (tenor saxophone) and Patrick Fitzgerald (bass) to celebrate their collective silliness and love for musical conversation on the bandstand. Expect tunes from Strayhorn, Waldron, Wayne Shorter and Linda Oh. Music played by friends for friends!