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I Hold The Lion's Paw // I Hold The Great Rack

Dave, Reuben and Ronny.jpg

5:15pm - I Hold The Lion's Paw

Reuben Lewis - trumpet/electronics
David Brown - electric bass
Ronny Ferella - drums

Led by trumpeter-composer Reuben Lewis, I Hold the Lion’s Paw (IHTLP) is an eight-piece collective that features some of Melbourne’s most exciting musicians. The music is born out of an organic cross-over of afro-beat, jazz and outré electronics. Expect to hear as much as electro-acoustic noise, slowly evolving soundtracks, afro-beat inspired grooves and psychedelic free jazz.

The band was formed in 2016 and was the first recipient of the Lebowskis' DEV(elopment) RES(idency) program. They continue to perform regularly, locally and nationally, and this year released their first LP, 'Abstract Playgrounds'.

Emily and Reuben.jpg

6:15pm - I Hold The Great Rack

Emily Bennett - voice and Kord multi-effects rack
Reuben Lewis - trumpet and electronics

"Reuben Lewis, I think we were flirting or maybe it was just me flirting with you?  Ah well, ah well, ah well.  Ah well it’s all for the promotion of my band.  And, you know, any press is good press and any mess is good stress.  It’s all good.  No worries.  I’ve forgotten already what you even said.  Nah. It’s in the past, it’s whatever.  Oh, don’t even worry about it."

Reuben Lewis, from the popping psychedelic jazz collective I Hold the Lion’s Paw, and Emily Bennett, from the landscaping surrealist improvised trio Great rack and an empty club reverb, clash in the meta-named duo, I Hold The Great Rack.  Lewis hustles on trumpet through an outboard of effect pedals as Bennett speaks her mind via an outdated Korg multi-effects rack.

Bennett's project Great rack and empty club an reverb received DEV RES II in the second half of the 2016.