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DEVRES VII: CountToTen // Three Sides to a Story

Doors at 5pm
$10 full // $5 concession

The DEV(elopment) RES(idency) program is an initiative from Lebowskis, designed and presented in the spirit of fostering creative growth in new and established ensembles and individual artists. This residency is available to two applicants and comprises three performances over a six-month season. The intent of the program is to allow ensembles to develop a creative concept and showcase its growth with a performance every two months.

The recipients of DEV RES VII are Reuben Lewis and Julien Wilson with CountToTen, and Natasha Trinkle with Three Sides to a Story.

This will be the first of their three performances, with the second and third taking place on April 28th and June 30th.


5:15pm - CountToTen

Julien Wilson - saxophone
Reuben Lewis - trumpet


At the start of 2019 Reuben & Julien resolved to form an electroacoustic project focussing on exploring new soundscapes. The title of the project refers to a mysterious pedal they both use called CountToFive.

The DEV RES concerts will be employed as a tonelab to investigate the textural, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic possibilities inherent in just two horns and effects. The duo format of horns+FX represents a unique project and one we’re intensely passionate about. All three performances will be recorded to gather source material to be further manipulated.

The textures can span from ambient warmth through glitchy digital soundscapes to industrial music concrete. This is not just an ECM horn drenched in reverb or a reboot of your 70s funk horn solo with an octave and wah pedal. Reub & Jules are driven to explore and create new sonic worlds.

Since both instruments use open microphones rather than pickups to transfer the analog source to the digital devices, we’ll be utilising DEV RES to investigate different amplification/sound reinforcement options over the course of the residency to maintain the greatest integrity/clarity from each contributor. Of course, some crossover/bleeding/pollution/influence/interference is part of the journey.

The chance to explore and map the creative development of this project in a public space enables us to learn through performance and distill and refine our process. Conceptual pieces will be prepared in between each event and reworked for the following ones. Listeners can expect soundworlds both refreshing and bracing.

Three Sides to a Story.jpg

6:15pm - Three Sides to a Story

Natasha Trinkle - cello
Ashley Ballat - trumpet
James Ball - piano


In this project we wish to explore, in a musical context, the concept that there is more than one side to any story. This involves two key development areas. Firstly the art of storytelling through musical performance, and secondly, flexibility of musical roles within our band. 

We plan to present a collection of through composed ‘story compositions’ at each performance. The story compositions are constructed of a series of key ideas for one instrument - either grips, or precomposed material - and improvised supporting roles, which may vary with each performance. The collection will be divided into three mini-sets, one for each musician in the band. At each performance we will rotate the sets so that every time we perform a particular composition, a different band member will tell the story. The end result will be three versions of each composition presented from a different point of view each time.

Our aim over these three performances is to get to know each other better musically, developing more freedom in our improvisation. By experimenting with different approaches to the same composition and being pushed out of our comfort zone, we hope to discover more ways to tell the story, resulting in more flexibility and freedom in our performances.

Lebowskis acknowledges that this event will take place on the stolen land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, and pays its respects to its elders past, present and emerging.

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